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All applications must be complete or will not be considered and will be returned.  A complete application includes a full description of the entry (i.e. length of vehicle from front of pull vehicle to the back of the trailer, number of marchers, horses or vehicles, if there will be music or audio, etc.). Entry must not be longer than fifty (50) feet, including the pull vehicle.  If it is, there will be an additional entry fee charged.  No additions can be made after the paperwork has been submitted and the length specified cannot change. If you want to be placed with another group you must note that on the application otherwise it will not be granted. 

Pick up your parade applications at:

American Hay Company (Oak View)

Ojai City Hall (Ojai)

Ojai Recreation Center (Ojai)

Application deadline and NO exceptions is JUNE 9th @4pm

Make checks payable to Ojai Independence Day Committe



                        Independence Day Committee

                                       P.O. BOX 1176

                                     Ojai, CA 93023




         American Hay Company               Ojai City Hall                  Ojai Recreation Center

         101 West Short Street              401 S. Ventura Street                    510 Park Road      

         Oak View, CA  93022                          Ojai, Ca 93023                          Ojai, Ca 93023          



Please  ONLY retun  pages 5 thru 7 of the application along with your payment. Incomplete appications and non payment will be returned to you.

Make checks payable to Ojai Independence Day Committee

Haga clic en el siguiente enlace para descargar.

*Desfile aplicación (español)*

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